Our approach

At Thies Network, we bring together reliable hardware, strong partners and comprehensive know-how to improve the quality of life on our planet. To achieve this, we follow a straight forward approach.

We are convinced that accurate measurement is at the beginning of everything. We define appropriate actions by developing comprehensive assessments based on precise analysis. This is how we envision sustainable change for the benefit of everyone.

We Measure

Placement of precise, superbly engineered and low maintenance sensors to establish a reliable source of high quality data.

We Analyze

Complete assessment of all available data sources (e.g. climate, air, socioeconomic) to facilitate a robust decision making process.

We Act

Definition of a holistic action plan (short-, mid- and long-term) together with our partners.

Our four phase cycle

We work with a dynamic concept for changing environments. An agile process in constant evolution that consists of four different phases. It can begin at any of the following steps and then starts over again as this cycle is repetitive.

Sensor Technology & Hardware

Identifying the right locations and tools to deploy sensors and hardware. Helping to overcome administrative challenges.

Data Analytics & Simulations

Interpreting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data together with experts and partners within our network. Simulating and real-time mapping of data flows.

Operations & Product Innovation

Identifying and involving the right partners to move forward. Developing customized and groundbreaking new products and services together with our clients.

Information & Empowerment

We encourage engagement by promoting environmental information and education. Spreading the word at conferences and summits to generate awareness for clean and green technology related topics.

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